Demolition Services

Whether you are looking to take down a single interior wall, or an entire commercial building, J.P. Services has the knowledge and equipment to get the job done on time and on budget.


We specialize in Building Demolition and Controlled Selective Demolition techniques used to bring down a portion of a structure, like walls, floors, or ceilings, within a predefined perimeter, and without damage to surrounding structures.


Our Demolition Services Include:


Building Demolition – J.P. Services can handle all of your complete or partial structural demolition needs safely and effectively.


Controlled Selective Demolition – Selective Demolition is used to demolish a structure that is attached or adjacent to a structure that you wish to keep. Selective Demolition is frequently used in the removal of:


Unwanted Warehouse Sections

Chimneys or Smoke Stacks
Air Handler Systems
Dust Collection Systems


Interior Demolition – Our team of demolition experts can complete Interior Demolition projects in occupied spaces like an office building or mall with minimal disruption to the occupants.


Let our knowledgeable estimators provide you with all information you need to make a decision about the least disruptive and most cost effective methods for completing your Demolition project in Sarasota, Bradenton, or anywhere in Southwest Florida.


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J.P. Services Demolition, Concrete Cutting and Drilling is a company that is owner operated to make sure you get the quality work that you deserve to help make your job easier.


Specializing in controlled selective demolition and concrete cutting with proprietary equipment enables us to provide fast and efficient service for your projects.


Our experienced staff is trained in the construction field and all forms of diamond cutting methods.